Here at Zweiacher Chiropractic we have different services to meet your specific needs.

Chiropractic Adjustments: A chiropractic adjustment, also known as spinal manipulation, refers to the realignment of the vertebrae that are misaligned and causing dysfunction and/or pain. A chiropractic adjustment will help bring the spine back to proper alignment and relieve nervous system stress, thereby restoring proper function and relieving pain.

Thorough Exams: Comprehensive exams are performed, including computerized thermal scanning to pinpoint specific areas of the spine that should be addressed during care.

Exercises: In addition to spinal manipulations, the doctor may recommend strengthening exercises that you can do at home. These exercises can aid in the healing process, improve flexibility and coordination, and help your adjustment maintain proper alignment longer. The doctor can also advise you on the proper way to perform your normal daily activities to prevent further injury to your spine.

Wellness Care: Even after pain issues have been resolved, a spinal misalignment can interfere with important internal functions in the body. Over time, this can move the body from healthy to unhealthy. Regular adjustments can prevent many unpleasant health issues and keep your body operating at peak performance. We encourage you to talk with the doctor about a regular adjustment schedule that will help your body do what it was designed to do – maintain optimum health by relieving any impairment. Just as we know that proper diet, exercise, and rest work together to create better health, a properly aligned spine will give your body the greatest opportunity to enjoy the maximum potential for good health.

Lifestyle Advice: The Doctor can offer suggestions that will help reduce the stresses and strains to your body that adversely affect your health.

Personalized Care: You will receive the right style of care for your age, condition, and health goals. Dr. Zweiacher has cared for patients from newborn to the age of 100. He provides adjustments during pregnancy, easing the common discomforts typically experienced by expectant mothers.

Automobile Accidents or Injuries: An auto accident can cause many different issues. Even a minor accident can present symptoms days or even weeks later. Our skilled chiropractor can offer you a comprehensive exam and evaluation and begin a treatment plan that will alleviate pain and help you recover from damages that are a result of an accident or injury.